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Judy Craig, C.Ht.

I come to the profession of hypnotherapy with a wealth of experience as a wife, mother and grandmother. My time in the U.S Navy and as the wife of a service member afforded me many travel experiences before settling in Saratoga Springs, NY.

There, in 1991, I received  a Diploma in Licensed Practical Nursing. I continued my education, receiving an associates degree in nursing from Maria College in Albany, NY in 1994. I have twenty years of nursing experience in medical and surgical care, wound care, and long-term care. While working at the Veteran's Hospital in Albany, I honed my interpersonal and listening skills. My empathy for others has made me realize the power of the mind in healing both the body and the soul.


When my own health problems caused me to leave nursing, I sought a career in positive development and healing therapies. Taking an online class in positive psychology through the University of Pennsylvania showed me the power of looking for the good in myself and others. The practice of hypnosis gives me the opportunity to pursue  my desire to enable others to make affirmative changes in their lives.


It was while studying hypnosis, that I discovered the art and science of handwriting analysis. Handwriting is so much more than  just the physical process of putting your thoughts on paper. It is what you consciously think, but also motivated by a subconscious ideomotor response reflecting your behavior and personality traits.  

Great Things Never Came From Comfort Zon
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