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Sessions and Fees



      The initial phone consultation is the most important session. This is where we discuss your needs and how we can combine hypnosis, handwriting analysis and positive self-improvement to best help you thrive rather than just survive! The initial phone consultation is always FREE! 


      Sessions are regularly $90. After the initial session, purchase two sessions at the regular price and receive the third session free.



Breakfast in Jar

Weight Management


      Weight management is a very complex issue and very much requires the client's complete commitment. It is not for the faint of heart! Our program here at Judy Craig Hypnotherapy consists of TEN WEEKS 

which address issues such as emotional, boredom and binge eating, banishing fast foods, motivation and lots more!

       The fee for our weight management program is 

$500. It can be paid for in two installments of $250 each, scheduled 30 days apart. (As client commitment and participation is so important, results cannot be guaranteed but are expected.)



 Note: A medical referral will be required for weight management plans including weight loss of more than 25 pounds.

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