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         Affirming Life Hypnosis

 Choosing to live your dream

   Have you ever wondered

  how high a turkey can fly?

Rio Grande Turkey flying over a fence in
Really, have you ever wondered how high or far a turkey can fly? The answer is: about 400 yards and close to the ground. Far enough to get to safety (or sometimes not!)

But what if you are not a turkey? 

Eagle Flying

   What if you were meant to be an eagle? 

What if you were meant to have the strength of eagle's wings,
                  the faith and courage to fly to new heights,
          and the wisdom of the universe to carry you there? 
      I welcome you to join me on a journey of exploration into the natural healing properties of your mind, body and spirit.  Whether it is the achievement of a personal goal or the urgent need to find a healthy, more fulfilling path; the therapeutic use of hypnosis, positive psychology, imagery and handwriting is the most powerful resource I know to comfortable and efficiently assist you to achieve your goals.
      Contact (845-695-1500) for a free phone consultation or to ask questions and further explore the potential of a partnership in your success.
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