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(A medical referral may be required for some treatments.)

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding hypnotherapy. Contrary to popular belief, people under hypnosis are in total control of themselves and would never do anything they would normally find highly objectionable. While the uses for hypnosis are practically endless, the most frequent ones are weight control, pain management, smoking cessation, breaking bad habits,and overcoming insomnia. I also specialize in relaxation, procrastination and self-confidence.  If you would like to improve any of these areas in your life, call now and let's talk.

Letting go of guilt.

Running Up the Stairs

Reinvent yourself. After a few wrong turns, dead-ends, or a little meandering, how about finding a new destination for yourself? Use hypnosis to explore a new, different you and mentally rehearse how the new you thinks, feels and behaves.

So, use hypnosis for:


      Positive thinking


      Self discipline

      To improve your creativity

      and so much more.....

Overcoming the fear of flying.

Young Business Woman

Striving to achieve your goals can be tiring work. Especially when problems like procrastination can waste valuable time, or self-doubt causes you to stumble. Long-term success requires a special set of attitudes and a particular mindset, and that is where hypnosis can help.

So use hypnosis to:

       Stop procrastination

       Improve focus & concentration

       Believe in yourself

        Boost your energy

        Achieve your potential

        and so much more....

Let go of those old grudges and hurts.

Girl climbing rope

Raising a child is a challenging task and it can be difficult to know what is best. You are only human and so is your child. Develop a resourceful mindset and create inventive strategies with the use of hypnosis.

So use hypnosis to:

       Build confidence

       Decrease fears

       Build good habits,

       Make friends

       Cope with grief

       and so much more....

Quiet that "I'm not enough" voice.

Woman in Pain

Emotional hurt from your past can sour your experience of the present, and your thoughts of the future. Release those things from the past that are preventing you from moving forward. Develop healthy patterns and leave emotional pain in the past with the help of hypnosis.

So use hypnosis to:

      Let go of the past

      Expect the best

      Let go of the anger

      Deal with disappointment

      Overcome a difficult childhood

      and so much more.....

Activate your creativity.

Man Shouting

We all know people that we would describe as "difficult." Difficult people can range from mildly irritating to totally "impossible"! And they can be home, in school and at work! You can use hypnosis to rehearse strategies for dealing with these people and change your own emotional responses.

So use hypnosis to:

     Staying calm with THAT person

      Assertiveness training

      Developing a negativity shield

      Dealing with a bully

      Coping with the guilt tripper

      and so much more....

Tapping away constant headaches.

Falling Down

Fears and phobias are among the top five reasons people seek hypnotherapy. Whether the symptoms are mild or acute, fears and phobias hold people back from achieving their dreams. Hypnosis can help you overcome fears and phobias and free your life from needless anxiety and stress.

So use hypnosis to deal with:

     Fear of flying

     Fear of failure

     Fear of success

     Fear of spiders

     Fear of heights

     and so much more.....


Releasing anger and frustration.

Woman on a Gym Mat

If you want to get rid of bad habits, and replace them with good ones, hypnosis is the most effective way to do it - and do it for good. Irritating habits really can be changed when you understand that you need to deal with them at the subconscious level, where they were formed in response to unconsciously perceived needs.

So use hypnosis for:

      Stop smoking

      Weight management

      Improve study habits

      Stop thumb sucking

      Build a daily routine 

      and so much more....

 Increasing your productivity.

Yoga by the Ocean

Have you ever thought about how to really take care of you? Your attitudes, thoughts and emotions are important for a good, happy life, but you also require a healthy body. Rather than arguing with yourself, and frequently losing, use hypnosis to make healthier choice to improve your body, mind and soul.

So use hypnosis to:

     Take care of you

      Drink more water

      Deal with chronic pain

      Deal with anger


      and so much more!


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