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The Journey

A journey can start out with a plan. Some journeys may be smooth, direct and you arrive at your destination without incident. Some journeys are bumpy, have detours and sometimes a major accident occurs.

Hypnosis is a great tool for helping you focus on one part of the journey and for gaining clarity. Then you can focus on another piece of the journey and then another piece and after a bit, the pieces start to fit together better. And at times, hypnosis can be used to look at the bigger picture, and may help you double check that you are on the path that YOU want to be on!

Many people have had detours because of relationships. And boy, can those relationship journeys get bumpy! Hypnosis can help you identify those parts of your relationship that need help and those parts that are working okay at the moment. Or if you want to scrap that relationship and start over!

Sometimes you are on an education journey. How many people have started out in college with one major only to graduate four years later with a totally different major? Or, how many people have worked for a company for ten years (or even twenty years!), only to go in to work one day to find that the company has been sold and you no longer have a job? Changing jobs midstream can be a major bump in the road! It may even feel like a major crash!

So, if you are interested in thriving rather than just surviving your life; or if you are interested in finding clarity on some of these issues, hypnosis may be your answer. Just be warned! Hypnosis is a participatory event! A hypnotherapist cannot do hypnosis to you. But together hypnosis might just put you on the path to an amazing journey!

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